Project Solutions

Organizations today rely on availability and no-runtime policies to keep them operating at an optimal level around the clock. ROSSO Power's Business Solutions provide the best chance for companies (be it SME or Large Corporations) to maintain uninterruptible power supply solutions, ensuring business critical equipment and applications are never at risk.


Built to last, the ROSSO TD Series, ranging from 1,000VA to 3,000VA, is perfect for Small Offices, Commercial uses, Networking, Healthcare, Industrial uses and Surveillance uses.


With its Power Factor 1, the ROSSO Power RTD Series, ranging from 6,000VA to 10,000VA delivers the highest active power for the same KVA. The Compact version with batteries included is the simplest choice for server protection, making it suitable for data centres and large organizations.

Data Availability Made easy

With ROSSO Power's Uninterrupted Power Supply Solutions


For SMBs and SMEs, ROSSO Power’s Business Solutions offer a selection from the TL and TLS Series Models, ranging from 550VA to 2000VA, that are fit to cater to the workload of your growing organization. Making downtime and worries about power interruptions and data availability a thing of the past, keeping your organization always running at an optimal level.


For many organizations, institutions and individual, central data points have become increasingly important as they house core business components like Surveillance Security, Servers for Administrative and Enterprise Tools ,Telephone Communications, Storage Servers, Network Grids and much more. With ROSSO Power’s Project Based Solutions that offer a selection of products from the TD and TDD Series Models, ranging from 3,000VA to 10,000VA, that are fit to handle intensive and round-the-clock workloads needed to keep you running seamlessly regardless of the user environment and infrastructure.


Sometimes power can be unpredicatble even in the home setting. Whether you’re working from home, gaming, or just watocing your favorate movies with family, ROSSO Power’s Home Solutions that offer a selection of products from the TL and TLS Series Models, ranging from 550VA to 800VA, keep you and your devices safe from unexpected power interruptions, and locked in to your time at home.