Get the highest active poer for a Rack mountable UPS with the ROSSO Power MSIII10000T. Perfect for IT loads & Servers, Critical loads and Healthcare.

The ROSSO TDD Series, ranging from 1000VA to 3000VA is the ideal UPS for applications that require extended battery operation and for medium-voltage substations. Its advanced technology maximizes battery life and ensures high efficiency. Ideal for Servers & Networking, Telecom, Industrial Applications, Medium Voltage substation and Healthcare



• Online double conversion technology (VFI) from 1000 VA to 3000 VA with a power factor of 0.9

• Easy to install
• Low running costs: the high efficiency VFI and ECO features minimize energy consumption
• High up e expandability
• User-friendly monitoring software can be downloaded free and is compatible with the main operating systems, for: monitoring functions, diagnosis, controlled shutdown of loads in the event of blackouts
• High overload handling capacity
• Constant voltage constant frequency (CVCF) output mode for maximum pro n of particularly sens ve loads (e.g. electromedical equipment)
• Wide input voltage and frequency ranges reduce battery switching, thereby increasing battery life and efficiency.
• Option to set the percentage residual battery charge from 3% to 100% of the available capacity
• Accurate calculated remaining up e is shown on the display
• Cold start option.
• Firmware can be upgraded easily to implement new features
• EPO and On/Off, with remote op on
• RS232 and USB ports, slots for additional communication cards
• Supplied with input and output power cables


• Cards: RS485, SNMP/web and relay card with dry contacts to send the UPS status to various systems, such as BMS, PLC, SCADA and AS400
• External manual bypass with additional sockets
• External battery cabinets


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